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in the mobility and public infrastructure sector

Our solutions for transportation hubs, parking garages, train stations, airports, ports, schools,
libraries, campus areas, shopping malls, cruise ships, city centers.

Navigation -> Fleet Management

With the help of the Pinpoint solution, the positions of the vehicle fleets can be managed transparently, thus automating operational processes. In this way, buses in depots are guided to the correct parking space for maintenance and preparation, and staff can be sure that the right bus will be ready for the next assignment.
Car Fleet
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Personnel Planning

Besonders für die Einsatzplanung in großen Gebäudekomplexen, wie Flughäfen und Bahnhöfe, ist die Kenntnis des aktuellen Standorts von Sicherheitspersonal für die kurzfristige Einsatzplanung fundamental wichtig, um in kritischen Situation schnell die richtigen Personen zum Einsatzorten zu führen.


By assigning position data to service cases, such as the failure of a lighting unit or damage to furnishings, service personnel can be guided along an optimized route to the respective service locations.
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Prototype Set

Pinpoint Prototyping Kit

For quick and easy integration into your products and apps, the Pinpoint prototyping kit is offered.

It includes:

  • 6 SATlets for up to 450 square meters of coverage
  • 1 network monitor for system monitoring
  • 1 Google Pixel 6 Pro with Pinpoint Downlink TDOA firmware and library
  • 1 Mapping licence for 600 square metres of freely mappable indoor/building area and access to an indoor navigation app
  • Licence with access to Native SDK, Flutter SDK and planning tool

Event & Entertainment

Mobility and public infrastructure