Precise, scalable and secure indoor navigation
in the mobility and public infrastructure sector

Our solutions for transportation hubs, parking garages, train stations, airports, ports, schools,
libraries, campus areas, shopping malls, cruise ships, city centers.

Fleet Management

Precise position data of all vehicles in real time ensures transparent fleet management and enables automated processes. Even in the most complex depots, buses arrive directly at the designated parking spaces without any coordination being required. Service and maintenance personnel can then be guided directly to them if necessary.
Car Fleet
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Personnel Planning

Particularly for deployment planning in large building complexes, such as airports and railway stations, knowledge of the current location of security personnel is fundamentally important for short-term deployment planning in order to quickly guide the right people to the deployment location in critical situations.


By assigning position data to service cases, such as the failure of a lighting unit or damage to furnishings, service personnel can be guided along an optimized route to the respective service locations.
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Mobility & Public Infrastructure