Our story

"It would be cool if I could use my smartphone for navigation inside the airport building, just to catch the next connecting flight in time."

This idea inspired us to found Pinpoint.

We, the three founders, are electrical engineers specializing in circuit and system design. With years of experience in real-time tracking systems for vehicle and livestock asset tracking, we believe that future smartphones will be practically usable for navigation everywhere - highly accurate and secure. This means that the position determination on the device is fundamentally not traceable by third parties.

Navigating via smartphone will facilitate finding routes in complex buildings, relax transfers under time pressure, and enable entirely new services.

In the vicinity of TU Chemnitz, we have assembled an international development team to deploy our patented IP across various device platforms and roll it out globally. We are committed to standardizing position determination regardless of the hardware used, so that practically everyone can navigate anywhere via smartphone/smartwatch. The proximity to the university ensures future personnel growth. The neighborhood of successful start-ups motivates us to become entrepreneurial.

We believe that a good mix of experienced engineers and young developers will make visionary ideas come true.


From left to right: Dr. Thomas Graichen COO (Operations & Interfaces), Dr. Marko Rößler CEO (Business & System Design), Daniel Froß CTO (Technology & Algorithms)


Prof. Ulrich Heinkel
Prof. Ulrich Heinkel
Matthias Faust
Matthias Faust
Prof. Christian Pätz
Prof. Christian Pätz
Finance, M&A
Kevin Tost
Kevin Tost

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