UWB untracked indoor navigation -
Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator!

Where am I, exactly?
How can I easily get to destinations in complex places like malls or airports?

Getting around in unfamiliar places can be challenging. With tight transfer times, the stress of possibly missing your connection sets in quickly. A single wrong turn, and the connection is lost.

Precise indoor navigation also enables convenient services such as locating a tag-less gate in the subway station, an automatic check-in service or payment, quick navigation in an underground parking lot, supplementing guide dogs for visually impaired persons, a docent service in a museum or an art gallery, finding your children’s location in a dense area, and other similar uses.

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To bring accurate indoor navigation to life, Pinpoint partners with FiRa members to develop UWB untracked navigation, a robust new technology that surpasses the limitations of existing indoor navigation techniques in terms of accuracy, scalability, and privacy.

Challenge: Indoor navigation that is accurate, scalable, and private

Existing technology lacks the high accuracy, scalability and privacy needed for indoor navigation. In crowded situations (e.g., rush hour at a subway station or weekends at a shopping mall), people need a reliable and untracked indoor navigation service that scales to serve large numbers of user devices simultaneously.

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UWB untracked navigation is a competent technology for enabling precise indoor navigation, achieving centimeter-level accuracy, and supporting, in theory, unlimited users/devices. As a minimal fixed number of messages is enough to provide location estimation regardless of the number of user devices, the technology is scalable. To enable untracked navigation, UWB anchors simply need to be installed at planned locations. These UWB anchors don’t need to be connected using a wired network, making the installation simple and cost effective.

In today’s era, personal information, including a person’s location, is considered more important than ever before. As the name suggests, with UWB untracked navigation, location of the user device is determined by the user device itself. This intrinsically protects the user’s location information from being exposed or the user being tracked. This also prevents malicious usage from attackers and protects the user’s privacy from being compromised.

UWB untracked navigation opens up new era of location-based services

UWB untracked navigation enables centimeter-level positioning accuracy with very high scalability, while being deployed and managed in a cost-effective way when compared to other technologies. With this simple but powerful indoor navigation technique, indoor venues can greatly enhance location-based services offered to visitors and employees by simply relying on devices that users already have in their hands. Presently, the integration of UWB technology into buildings is made possible through Pinpoint´s groundbreaking Indoor-SATlets.

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